In 1980, 6% of men ages 40-44 were never married. Today that number has jumped to 17%. Men are delaying or avoiding marriage like never before and the question is, why? So Why Have You Never Been Married? sheds light on what today’s bachelors are thinking and the influences that cause them to remain single.

In the book you will learn…
  • The 7 reasons why love does not always lead to marriage
  • The 6 beliefs that cause men to delay marriage
  • The 5 fears men have about getting married
  • The 9 regrets of men who have yet to marry
  • The “80% dilemma”: why long term relationships often times don’t end in marriage
  • The number one reason men don’t get married
  • And much more
Author’s observation:

“Never married men are all different. Even though their destinations may be the same (i.e., never married), they have all taken very different journeys to get there. And no matter what stereotype you try to place on them as a group: womanizer, commitment phobic, it just doesn’t fit. In this group you are as likely to find a man that has been with a 100 women as you are to find one that has been with one, or none. In fact, it is possible that the only thing these men have in common is that they have never married.”

Surprising revelation:

The men in the book are pioneers in the preservation of marriage. They know they aren’t ready, they know they can’t be faithful, they knew they haven’t found the right one and they have acted accordingly. They honor and preserve the sanctity of marriage by remaining single. They are not commitment phobic, they are heroes. For that they should be commended.

From the Forward:

“This breakthrough study may very well be a pivotal step in the right direction of creating conscious relationships.”
Dr. Nancy Irwin, Los Angeles, CA

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So Why Have You Never Been Married?: 10 Insights Into Why He Hasn't Wed