Are you an aspiring writer?

I want to mentor you

I have written and published three books and I am in the process of creating two more. I have learned a lot along the way: how to position books, how to get them published, and more importantly, how to make money from them. Did you know that most published authors make little to no money from their books? But you can still do really well if you know the one secret all veteran writers know: your book is not a revenue producer, it is a marketing brochure. Your book opens the door for you to make money a hundred other ways including consulting, professional speaking and creating information products.

I can help you

I am looking for a very small, select group of people to work with to help them bring their book ideas to life and turn those ideas into viable, revenue producing businesses. I love writing and I love helping other aspiring writers. I especially enjoy helping them avoid the mistakes I have made along the way. Would you like to know...

  • The two questions you must be able to answer even before you start to write

  • The best tools and techniques to get your book published

  • The most important thing to have in your book to assure business success

I can teach you that and much more. I will guide you, teach you, encourage you and mentor you. The only thing I won't do is the work for you. If you a serious about starting/expanding your writing career and turning that into a money-making venture, then contact me at carl@carlweisman.com.

In the mean time, I encourage you to visit my blog: Inside The Writer's Mind. There you can go on a one-year journey with me as I write my next book. Looking forward to hearing from you.